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Our Mission
Small-Group Learning Support Services
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Our Mission

To deliver premium academic enrichment to the community at an affordable price; and to furnish an upbeat environment that encourages critical thinking and self-reliance. RollerCoaster Learning aims to assess the student's current level of core skills in math/critical thinking, science, and writing, and provide services that accelerate or remediate skills as necessary through small group instruction.

Small-Group Learning Support Services

We have a well-rounded approach, including:

  • small multi-age groups (grades KG through 8)
  • study skills
  • listening and communication skills
  • reinforcing academic concepts and skills through special projects (such as, producing a play involving a science topic)
  • music and dance projects
  • breathing and stretching exercises
  • learn by teaching exercises
  • self-paced computer-based learning programs, to be determined along with parents


Our philosophy is that learning is a life-long process that is essential to our nature as human beings.

Children are naturally curious and want to learn.

Striking a balance between individualized and small-group activities is key to effective learning and motivation.

Individual learning styles have a serious impact on learning.


Teach to learn: The best way to learn something is to explain it to someone else. Students will explain what they've learned to their peers and younger students in a small group setting.

Established curriculum: We use established programs that provide solid curriculum and interactive exercises in math, science, and language arts.

Special projects: Children learn by doing. Students will complete 4 to 6 special projects (e.g., creating a community, producing a play or news story) throughout the school year to apply and reinforce grade-level skills and concepts.

Social learning: Motivation to learn is important. Watching other kids set and achieve academic goals, and get excited about it, increases motivation.

Drill and practice: Old fashioned repetition has its place. We do drill and practice while making it game-like.

Tracking Progress: There is nothing more exciting than to see progress on a learning curve! We provide colorful progress trackers so students and families can watch the progress.

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